Crowdtap: Old Navy Swimwear!!

A couple of weeks ago I was accepted into the Old Navy Summer Swimwear Sample & Share with Crowdtap. While I have participated in several sample opportunities from Old Navy, I have never been selected to try their swimsuits. This was exciting! I already knew that I was going to have a hard time choosing just one after looking at all of their swimsuits online. I couldn’t believe how many they had. Crowdtap provided me with two coupons that were redeemable for two swimsuits, one for me and one for a friend. It’s Summer time and I really was looking forward to trying some new swimwear.

The hard part was deciding who to take with me to Old Navy, so I decided to share it my close gf who is celebrating her birthday on 7.7.12! I thought its a perfect birthday gift for her.  So I took her to O.N. over lunch and we browsed through the selection, had an awesome girl time and tried a lot of suits on.  Both of us decided to get the same color HOT Orange!! Solids all the way. Although we thought of getting the patriotic bathing suits. The navy blue bathing suit had white stars all over it along with clear sequins. They also had an American Flag suit! Either of them would be perfect for Fourth of July coming up. But we ended up getting the TShirts instead and bought the orange bikini for myself and the suit for her. 🙂 Both were on sale and priced at $19.94 each! (What a saving!!) The cashier was so jealous I could tell and we were too excited! 🙂

Thank you Old Navy & Crowdtap for this special opportunity to shop your new Summer swimsuits!


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