CVS Money Maker Trip 4/1


I went to CVS and I had planned to buy the Allegra and Depend only but then ended up buying a lot more because of 1 scanner coupon.

1 Depend $3.99
4 Allegra Allergy $6.99
1 Emerald Peanuts 2/$1.50 (Clearance)
2 Cans of Diced Tomato 0.89 each (Clearance)
1 Condensed Cream of Chicken 0.59 (Clearance)
1 Progresso Bread Crumbs 1.49 (Clearance)
Total: $36.56
Used $5 off $25 Allergy Scanner Coupon
4 $7 Allegra Coupons from 4/1 SS
1 $2 Depend coupon from website
Total: $1.60
Used Gift Card
Got $2 Back!!

Check out my 4/2 trip here.


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