= FREE Product Testing + More!

Have you heard of Smilely360Smilely360 is a network of consumers who participate in social media programs and receive different products and services for FREE! As a Smilely360 member, you get to be among the first people to learn about and try out brand spanking new products and services (most recently members received several bags of Snikkidy Snacks to try out). You’re simply asked to share your experience with your family and friends and then let Smilely360 know about those interactions. Your honest opinion helps the companies improve their products AND you have zero obligations and no pressure.

Here are some of the perks about being a member…
* Be the first to sample new products and experiences.
* Share your likes and dislikes about some of your favorite brands through Connect
* Although you do NOT earn money from Smilely360, you can earn status promotions as an active and informative member. Improved status allows you to sign up for more missions, as well as early invites to some of their popular ones plus you may receive rewards and special offers from popular brands and merchants.

There are 5 status levels at
Level 1: Everyone begins here.
Level 2: When you complete your first mission, you advance to Level 2.
Level 3: You reach level 3 at 5 missions and 300 smiles (see below for info on smiles)
Level 4: After 20 missions and 1000 smilies, you’re really a VIP. You’ll shape the very future of by participating in the Leadership Panel, moderating on Connect, and more.
Level 5: The cream of our crop are hand selected to become Level 5 members. Top rewards are reserved for top members.

Interested in becoming a Smilely360 member?! Head on over here to register for free. You’ll then want to explore the available missions and take polls that help match you with the right missions.


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