Yollar: $12 for 2 Movie Tickets on Fandango.com ($24 Value)

Yollar.com, a new daily deals site, is offering up 2 Fandango.com movie tickets for ONLY $12 ($24 value)! To get in on this deal, just head on over here to purchase your tickets. Keep in mind that you can only purchase up to 10 tickets per person and the codes don’t expire until Jan 12nd, so there’s plenty of time to make use of them.

The Fine Print:
Limit per person: 10 (+10 as a gift)
The promotional code expires on January 12, 2012
This offer excludes IMAX or 3D movies
This offer cannot be combined with any other offer
Both tickets must be purchased together in the same transaction for the same movie and showtime
This offer will be fulfilled by Digital Doorstep
Value for use toward two tickets with maximum value of $12 per ticket (maximum total value $24)
Promo/Redemption Code is valid only for Internet purchases made at http://www.fandango.com for Fandango partner theaters located in the U.S.
Valid for one-time use only
Promo/Redemption Code cannot be redeemed directly at any of Fandango’s partner theaters, via Fandango’s telephone service, or through any other website operated by third-party merchants accessible from the Fandango website.
Promo/Redemption Code has no cash value, will not be replaced if lost or stolen, and is not for resale.
If any balance is due after the Promo Code is redeemed, a valid credit card must be used to pay the remaining amount.
Any price difference between movie purchased and maximum value of the Promo Code will not be refunded.
The redemption of Promo Code is subject to Fandango’s terms and conditions at http://www.fandango.com/termsofuse.aspx and http://www.fandango.com/PurchasePolicy.aspx


2 thoughts on “Yollar: $12 for 2 Movie Tickets on Fandango.com ($24 Value)

  1. Debra Vitale says:

    I bought this deal on 11/29/11 and couldn’t use it because digitaldoorstep would not accept my voucher code, saying the code had already been used. I contacted digitaldoorstep via email, not response, via phone and got a busy signal. What company has a busy signal? I email Yollar and called Yollar no response there either. I finally called my credit card company to dispute the charges. I will never use Yollar again.

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