Recycle Bank : A Greener School Year!! Lots of Free Stuff

Recyclebank has just launched a new contest: Green Your School Year. It’s a great way to learn how to make your school year more eco-friendly — and less expensive, too! Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to earn Recyclebank Points and maybe even win a prize or two.

The first stage of the contest is “Back-to-School Shopping”. You’ll follow a mom and her kids as they go through a busy day of back-to-school shopping and learn how to make the experience green.

Not only can you earn those valuable Recyclebank Points during the contest, but check out these exciting prizes:

• $2,500 Macy’s gift card
• A Bodhi electric bike for cleaner school day transportation
• NOOK Color™ eReader
• $2,500 local grocer gift card, courtesy of Ziploc®
• One year supply of Ziploc® bags and reusable containers
• And so much more!

Your chance to win awaits you. Get started now!

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